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Even simply visiting Antartica is an expensive business, mountain climbing there adds to the cost significantly. To complete his quest, Lorenzo needs sponsorship. His forthcoming seventh and final peak is Vinson Massif on the great wilderness continent of Antarctica. After funding the first four peaks totally by himself, Lorenzo is now looking hopefully for some financial support from any individual or company which has enthusiasm and vision for this exciting and ambitious challenge.

"But what's in it for me?" you may rightfully ask, since requests for money are almost a daily occurrence in today's society. Well, due to the nature of this unusual and arduous challenge, Lorenzo has already received exciting coverage in local newspapers, magazines and interviews on BBC Radio Northampton (all above copies are available on request).

Naturally, the support of sponsors would be included on these media channels in future coverage. Additionally, the companies' names and logos can be displayed in photos, interviews and on local TV as the challenge will gain momentum with the final challenge, Mt. Vinson, especially since Lorenzo will be only the second Italian to have completed all seven. Lorenzo could also link money to be raised for a charity you feel committed towards.

In his own words:
We all have some kind of dream. I have cultivated my dream for 11 years now. The time has now come to turn this last challenge into reality. It is thanks to the generosity and support of the following and very special individuals that have had the vision to share my goals, which have finally turned my dreams into reality.

Thank you all so much; without you I would not be leaving for this last wonderful challenge and achieve my dreams.

I would like to specially thank my brother Luigi for his untiring support.

Individual sponsors:

Gianni Comolli (main sponsor)
Najmudin Sathak
Andrew Hay
Mike Willett
Frederick Boutchier

Iridium satellite handset kindly loaned by Claudio Moraldo of Sanremo Adventure

Companies and technical sponsors:

Global Universal SymphonyClaudio Melotto of Global Universal Symphony
Lorenzo porterá il messaggio della Global Universal Symphony sulla vetta del Vinson una Sinfonia Universale per l'umanitá...




KMi logoKMi, The Open University, providing technical expertise and web hosting

Socket MobileSocket Mobile, suppliers of ruggedised PDA computers

IdrunaIdruna Software, who have provided a free copy of Pocket Phojo to batch convert and send photos

Conad logoItalian supermarkets

Olio Carli logoOlive oil company

Pizzeria Acqua e FarinaPizzeria Acqua e Farina, Imperia

Club Alpino Italiano logoClub Alpino Italiano (the Italian Alpine Club)

StrescinoStrescino Srl

Biancamano: Ponticelli Spa

Media sponsor and mentor:


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