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Vinson Massif Equipment List

Climbing in this intensely hostile environment obviously requires lots of specialist equipment. During the Antarctic summer, when the sky is cloudless the temperature inside a tent is between 0ºC and +10ºC. Snow storms are common. The temperature can drop to -35ºC on the summit.

  • Shared equipment for Base Camp
    Kitchen-dining tent
    personal living tent (1 per 2-3 pax)
    kitchen utensils (gas-stoves, pots and pans)
    satellite phone
    first-aid kit
    solar battery
  • Shared equipment for the Ascent
    kitchen utensils
    snow spades
    tents for high camps
    rope (50 m)
  • Approximate list of personal equipment
    Expedition fee includes:
    jacket with 7 summits Club logo (windbloc)
    2 T-shirts with 7 summits Club logo
  • Personal equipment for Base Camp
    sleeping bag rated to -40ºC
    sleeping mat
    personal items for washing
    personal notebook (if needed)
  • Special equipment for the Ascent
    crampons (i.e. G12)
    backpack (40-50 litre)
    Karabiners with screwgate lockers - 3 off
    Telescope ski poles
    Rappel device
    Ice Axe
    Photo camera
    Video camera and assessories
    Accumulators (batteries)
    Personal crockery for high camps
  • Equipment for body and feet
    Trekking shoes
    Boots of "Everest" Millet type
    Down jacket + down trousers (or down overalls)
    Gore-tex jacket with wide hood
    Gore-tex trousers
    Windblock jacket
    Windblock trousers
    Jacket "Polartec - 100" - 2 off
    Warm underwear - 2 sets
    Personal underwear
    Polartec gloves 2 pairs
    Thinsulate gloves
    Thinsulate mittens - 2 pairs
    Warm woolen socks - 4-5 pairs
    Warm hat
    Windblock face mask
    UV glasses
    Ski goggles (preferably)

Equipment list courtesy of 7 Summits Club.

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