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Tibetan Refugees

As part of Lorenzo's second expedition to Everest he is hoping to raise awareness of the plight of the many hundres of people who have fled the country since its occupation by China.

Here is Lorenzo's letter of intent:

Solidarity project between Lorenzo Gariano and Tibetan refugee camp in Northern India

Lorenzo will be travelling for the second consecutive year in April 2006 to Tibet, in order to attempt to summit Chomolungma -Everest from the northern face, the classic Mallory route.

He will be travelling through the extreme but very beautiful landscape of the Tibetan plateau above 4000m. Here life in the villages has a feel of biblical times, but the reward is in its people: genuine, sincere and very hospitable.

In collaboration with "Montagnard", an authoritive and much respected Italian Alpine publication, and the Knowledge and Media Institute at The Open University in Milton Keynes (media sponsors to many of his recent expeditions), Lorenzo will make regular "Satellite" links with a Tibetan refugee camp in Northern India. This link will be of extreme importance on a "human and moral" level. These children and many other adults have never seen their country of origin, "Tibet" due known political upheavals there.

It will be "spiritually" uplifting for these people to hear Lorenzo be able to convey to them emotions and facts of the villages he will be passing through on his travels. Villages in a Country they may never be able to visit in their lifetime!

The scope of this operation has no political implications, but solely humanitarian!

Lorenzo will liase with both Montagnard and the Open University in order to be able to make the link possible with this Tibetan refugee camp on both a logistical and communicative level.

We hope to bring this important solidarity project to reality.

We realize it will not be simple. Any possible funds and donations will be distributed to help the Tibetan cause in Northern India.

Thank you for reading the above.

Lorenzo Gariano

Montagnard Lorenzo's spiritual mentors with whom he shares a vision for a better Tibet and a closeness to the mountains. This is an Italian article on Lorenzo (Chomolungma and Orissa) from the magazine out due in April 2006.

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