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As you can see, the list of equipment needed for the ascent is very extensive. Much of this equipment is expensive because, for this kind of environment, it has to be the very best.

Shared Equipment for BC and ABC (provided by 7 Summits Club):
Dining tent
Kitchen tent
Shower tent
Toilet tent
Sleeping tent (1 for 1 member)
All kitchen utensils (gas-stoves, pots, etc.)
All kitchen equipment (plates, spoons, cups, tables, chairs)
Wash tabs and detergents
Gas heater for dining tents
Satellite phone ($5 per 1 minute) [obviously Lorenzo has his own]
First-aid kit
Solar accumulator
Generator + fuel
All the necessary electric equipment (bulbs, sockets, etc.)
Shared Equipment for the Ascent (provided by 7 Summits Club):
Gas-cylinders (250gr.) - 10 items for one climber
Gas stoves - 6 items
Kitchen utensils - 6 sets
Snow shovels
Tents for high camps - 6items
Sleeping bags for high camps - 18 items
Foam pads - 18 items
Fixed ropes - 300m
Ice screws & snow pitons - 20 items
Radio stations - 6 items
Extra mask and regulator - 2 sets (for two high camps for the whole team)
Extra oxygen bottles - 2 items (for 2 high camps for the whole team)
Approximate list of personal equipment you will need for the expedition:

On a South face ascent of Everest, climbers make use of two Base Camps - BC (5100m) and ABC (6500m). Hence it is advisable to have 2 sets of Base Camp equipment, eg: 2 sleeping bags, so that you don't have to carry your sleeping bag up and down).

Some personal equipment is provided:

Oxygen Set - 1 mask + 1 reducer + 3 'Poisk' 4 litre oxygen cylinders
1 Team jacket (windblock)
2 Team T-shirts

Equipment for BC and ABC:
Duffle bag
Sleeping bag - 2 off
Foam pad
Gas lamp
Gas stove
Gas cylinders - 4-5 off
Personal items for washing
Your favorite games console! (if necessary)
Technical Equipment for the ascent:
Crampons (e.g. Grivel G12)
Rucksack 70-80 liters
Rucksack 35-40 liters
Karabiners with screwgate lockers - 3 items
Jumar (ascender)
Telescopic ski poles
Rappel device
Ice Axe
Head lamp
Photo camera
Video camera and accessories
Batteries for the above
Personal crockery for high camps
Equipment for body and feet:
Trekking shoes
Boots of "Everest" Millet type
Down jacket + down trousers (or down overalls)
Gore-tex jacket with wide hood
Gore-tex trousers (or better still, semi-overalls)
Windblock jacket
Windblock trousers
Jacket "Polartec - 100" - 2 off
Warm underwear - 2 sets
Personal underwear
Polartec gloves - 2 pairs
Thinsulate gloves
Thinsulate mittens - 2 pairs
Warm woolen socks - 4-5 pairs
Warm hat
Windblock face mask
UV glasses
Ski goggles (preferably)
(data for this page kindly provided by The Seven Summits Club)

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