Chat History

Below is the history file of the Matterhorn Chat Room.


Marc-Cornwall 14:51  Quick test- interface took less than 20 sec to load on 56kbps modem
Chris at home, UK 14:52  JIC you haven't heard, we are currently unable to receive images because the ISP will not accept dialup calls from outside the UK.
Marc-Cornwall 14:57  aargh
Marc-Cornwall 14:58  we could provide alternative ISPs but the settings are a bit of a pain on the 7650 as I recall
KMi-Ben 15:05  Hi Marc - we are investigating alternatives
KMi-Ben 15:06  Freeserve say that you should be able to dial internationally into their regular phone numbers
KMi-Ben 15:07  I know though that BTOpenworld provide separate International numbers
KMi-Ben 15:07  Peter is waiting to talk to Lorenzo shortly - shand by to listen in
Peter S.-UK 15:11  Hey marc - you still there ... ?
Peter S.-UK 15:12  It seems to take a while to spot that folks are disconnected is all ...
Peter S.-UK 15:13  Lorenzo is setting up his tent - so I will give him a mo. before checking his phone settings.
Marc-Cornwall 15:13  yeah; me here... just doin other emails
Marc-Cornwall 15:13  I guess on 'dry land' so to speak or in his tent he could set up a new ISP; ugh
Marc-Cornwall 15:14  well; Freeserve dialin would be best, save any re-settings
Marc-Cornwall 15:15  I think I added a BT account into the 7650 also when I was testing it...
Marc-Cornwall 15:21  estimated time of live phone call (now-ish)???
Marc-Cornwall 15:21  duh was looking around for a 'listen' button!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Marc-Cornwall 15:22  I mean how do I *KNOW* when there's live audio or not???????????????
KMi-Ben 15:22  Marc
KMi-Ben 15:22  Do you know if Kevin or yourself entered +44 on the ISP phone number
Marc-Cornwall 15:23  99% sure that it has a +44, but not 100% sure
Marc-Cornwall 15:23  er, make that 80% sure
KMi-Ben 15:23  k - one of the things we're going to check with Lorenzo
Marc-Cornwall 15:23  I did the BT internet settings; Kevin did the Freeserve, tho I had a peek at em
KMi-Ben 15:24  we've found pdf copies of the phone manual so hopefully can talk himthrough it - though will be tricky while he's also listening on phone!
Marc-Cornwall 15:24  hah; yeah; needs an offline session
KMi-Ben 15:24  should have sent him out with 2 phones :)
Marc-Cornwall 15:24  was 1 counterinuitive setting as I recall... duh...
KMi-Ben 15:25  Well we are waiting on Lorenzo to finish setting up his tent
KMi-Ben 15:25  Hopefully hear from him shortly
Marc-Cornwall 15:25  difference between 'Settings... Connection...' and 'some-other-damn-thing' I'll remember in a minute
KMi-Ben 15:25  this under 'access points'
Marc-Cornwall 15:25  aha
Marc-Cornwall 15:26  yeah; 'access points' and 'connection' have 2 slightly different meanings
Marc-Cornwall 15:26  'cause you can be GPRS vs GSM on the one hand, and different ISPs on the other...
KMi-Ben 15:26  reading manual atm
Marc-Cornwall 15:27  Don't I need an 'on the air' light????
Marc-Cornwall 15:27  I mean don't YOU need an 'on the air' light???
Marc-Cornwall 15:27  URL for manual = ?
KMi-Ben 15:28  checking
Chris at home, UK 15:28  You don't get an 'on air' light but you get a really loud sound from the phone's ring tone!
Chris at home, UK 15:28  Lorenzo has the manual with him
Marc-Cornwall 15:29  got it:
KMi-Ben 15:29
Marc-Cornwall 15:29  tnx
KMi-Ben 15:29  had to type it in from other computer
Marc-Cornwall 15:29  can 'mission control' set an 'on the air' symbol?
Marc-Cornwall 15:29  I hear some mysterious background noise at the moment...
KMi-Ben 15:30  Think it's chris's phone line making strange noises
Marc-Cornwall 15:30  waaaaaaaaaaa 3MB user guide... will skip it...
KMi-Ben 15:30  It had disconnected earlier in the day sometime, so we'll need to monitor it
Chris at home, UK 15:30  The black box connection to the phone is continuously feeding in to the streaming audio client. Unfortunately there's no noise gate.
KMi-Ben 15:30  There's a cutout on the flash client
KMi-Ben 15:31  which is why it's not continous
Marc-Cornwall 15:31  aargh... then you definitely need something like 'unattended audio', 'on the air', 'off the air' or something: 3 states
Marc-Cornwall 15:31  unattended is OK, as long as the user knows
Chris at home, UK 15:31  But how do we know?
KMi-Ben 15:31  Yep- - Jon and myself were discussing it this morning
Marc-Cornwall 15:31  unattended is default
KMi-Ben 15:31  The phone server would need to provide the state information somehow
Marc-Cornwall 15:31  if you're actually there, then it's either on air or off air (manually)... phone server doesn't need to be involved
Chris at home, UK 15:32  We had to plan it for us not being there/here
KMi-Ben 15:32  Agree - and we can do that simply in short term through typing a message here
Marc-Cornwall 15:32  but with >3 users typing stuff no one will see the old message
KMi-Ben 15:32  BTW Chris - we are expecting Lorenzo to phone in shortly to have a chat with Peter Scott
KMi-Ben 15:33  I think they'll hear any live audio :)
Marc-Cornwall 15:33  or even just a text box saying that the audio is on all the time... there is absolutely no way to infer that...
KMi-Ben 15:33  But I agree - we need a standby sound playing so users are aware when we're offline
Marc-Cornwall 15:34  Even if it's a little like 'ham radio' (if there's stuff happening when you're tuned in, you hear it), that's aboslutely fine... just that users need to know this!!!
KMi-Ben 15:34  Marc - did you read the earlier message that Lorenzo is most likely doing the climb tomorrow
Marc-Cornwall 15:34  er... where would I find such a message?
KMi-Ben 15:34  I think when you joined Peterhad just posted a message
Marc-Cornwall 15:35  don't see it when scrolling back; didn't see it at the time...
KMi-Ben 15:35  Also Chat history to left - except there wasn't a chat client running till 30 minutes ago
Marc-Cornwall 15:35  in fact the earliest thing I now see is the userguide URL
KMi-Ben 15:35  (under picture of Lorenzo)
Peter S.-UK 15:36  Intro page now updated with new timing!
Marc-Cornwall 15:36  history looks like what I saw in this chat room... can't see nothin about Thurs climb
Marc-Cornwall 15:36  anyway...
Marc-Cornwall 15:36  I should repost Usenet posting!
Marc-Cornwall 15:36  what time Thurs>
Marc-Cornwall 15:37  right; got it on the intro page
Peter S.-UK 15:37  His itinerary is pretty flexible !!!! He will be setting off at 1am central euro time
Marc-Cornwall 15:41  ok; have posted usenet update too
Marc-Cornwall 15:42  ok; gotta blast off; best of luck; anything ultra-urgent just email SUBJECT LINE ONLY TO: and that'll alert me on my mobile to check for longer msgs on normal email or whatever...
KMi-Ben 15:43  thanks marc
KMi-Ben 15:43  Peter just trying to phone Lorenzo now - for off line chat
KMi-Ben 15:43  Lorenzo does have 2 mobiles btw
Marc-Cornwall 15:44  final thought is that the real estate above the 'clients connected', above Zermatt on the map, could be better used to have a PERMANENT message that says "AUDIO IS ALWAYS RUNNING: TURN UP YOUR VOLUME TO SEE IF LORENZO IS LIVE NOW" (or something like that-- doesn't matter what... just a 'heads up'
Marc-Cornwall 15:44  cul8r
KMi-Ben 15:46  later marc
KMi-Ben 15:50  Update: Lorenzo is likely to climb the mountain a day early due to threaten weather conditions for Friday
Marc-Cornwall 16:00  Ben could you email me JUST the text form the 7650 manual that refers to access points and connections
Marc-Cornwall 16:00  (from that is)
Al Green 19:25  Hello
Peter S.(in)-UK 19:31  Oh, hi Al - where are you?
Peter S.(in)-UK 19:32  I guess we should stick a beeper on this things sos that folk can ring the bell to grab your attention ... in this sort of always-on context.
Peter S.(in)-UK 19:34  Lorenzo and Scott are currently asleep! The picture you see is an archive one! We havent managed to get any images off the phone yet ;-(
Peter S.(in)-UK 19:38  btw: if you just heard that noise - that was me checking the phone - sorry ;-)
Al Green 19:39  Hi Peter - I just found this site, was on rec.climbing. I am in California. Interesting technology. Will watch for pictures.
Peter S.(in)-UK 19:41  Check out the audio replays button (either on the menu above the user-names or in the middle button below his mugshot on the left - they are from the mountain earlier today!
Peter S.(in)-UK 19:43  He is currently sleeping in a tent near the Hornil Hutte and should give us a live audio feed (at least) in approx 4-5 hours time when he gets up to start the climb, proper.
iMac (KMi) - UK 19:45  I am off home now - see you later!
Peter S.(in)-UK 19:46  Me too. Later. (Btw: Flash keeps you *logged in* unless you close the browser window).
Al Green 19:47  Thanks, I will check back later.
Marc-Cornwall 21:04  Just checkin in... will be back online in a while... great work everyone... no prob about later photos; audio will be great
Peter S.-UK 21:33  Hello
Peter S.-UK 21:35  Just checking in also ... figure I am after an early start tommorrow ... so I will hit the sack! Catch you folks later.
Marc-Cornwall 22:56  Hi folks; back to check things; see emails re +44845xxxxxxx ('it depends')
Marc-Cornwall 22:57  Send Lorenzo best wishes: 'audio rules'!!!!!
Ben-UK 22:59  Hi Marc - still here at mission control
Ben-UK 23:37  Update: Please check the latest audio report for details of the climb which is going to be attempted a day earlier due to weather conditions worsen from Friday onwards.
Peter @ Home 2:43  Hmmm ... looking quiet atm ...
Peter S.(in)-UK 4:44  Great to hear Lorenzo starting, and I just missed his live call 3ish gmt @ 3490m!
Peter S.(in)-UK 4:46  I guess the next big challenge for us folks is to get the GPS tracking working - sos we can tell him where WE think he his ... ha, ha!
Peter S.(in)-UK 5:16  Checking out the webcams, you can see why Lorenzo is currently reporting queues of climbers in the Solvayhutte (4k m)! Fab day.
Marc-Cornwall 6:27  Hi guys
Peter S.(in)-UK 6:29  Hi Marc - did you catch the latest report?
Marc-Cornwall 6:29  not yet... just going there now
Peter S.(in)-UK 6:30  I have posted some updates on rec.climbing, but they aint appreared yet
Marc-Cornwall 6:33  can blue dot be updated manually ?
Peter S.(in)-UK 6:34  Not until Chris gets in (long story).
Marc-Cornwall 6:35  (or can mission control send in email with subject line 'c')
Peter S.(in)-UK 6:37  hey ... just a mo ...
Peter S.(in)-UK 6:37  here comes Jon
Peter S.(in)-UK 6:41  I was thinking that I needed Chris to access the *photo gallery* page (which I do), but I dont need him to do the manual email!
Peter S.(in)-UK 6:43  Hi Jon!
Jon-UK 6:43  Hello
Peter S.(in)-UK 6:44  Lorenzo started out of the Solvay hut about an hour or so ago ...
Marc-Cornwall 6:46  Just caught up with today's audio reports: FANTASTIC!!!!!
Marc-Cornwall 6:46  listening live
Marc-Cornwall 6:48  another good report just heard live- progressing well; Scott Woolums spoke too
Peter (in)-UK 6:51  Oh no ... did I just miss one!?! I only went to the kitchen for a minute ;-(
Marc-Cornwall 6:51  emailed photo attachment of latest 'selected webcam' with subject line...
Marc-Cornwall 6:51  YES-- 2 min ago
Peter (in)-UK 6:52  Drat - yes! Just listening to the replay!
Marc-Cornwall 6:53  well; short of rigging up the fire alarm to go off when phone rings...
Peter (in)-UK 6:54  Ha ... actually, I have set my desktop to be loud for just such a purpose - but no-one ever seems to ring me when I am at my desk!
Marc-Cornwall 6:56  have you got the email address for Kevin's 'photo inbox'?
Peter (in)-UK 7:00  Umm .. I have already tried this a few times ... all these services are running on the server oakwell locked down in the server room - meaning that we cant touch it until someone (eg.Chris) with the right permissions, gets in ...
Marc-Cornwall 7:05  aha; ok doks
Marc-Cornwall 7:11  been readin Freeserve FAQs and related docs: looks like 0845 from certain countries is a no-no; USA seems to work
Murray (KMi) 7:17  We just had three false-fire alarms here at Kmi, so I'm assuming Lorenzo must have summited.
Marc-Cornwall 7:19  Hi Murray, Hi Jon
Jon-UK 7:21  Hello
Murray (KMi) 7:22  Hey Marc. Did you guys hook Lorenzo's cell phone to our fire alarm system? Good joke, eh.
Marc-Cornwall 7:25  phone/audio replays v interesting!!
Marc-Cornwall 7:26  Webcams (lower left) showing GREAT conditions right now
Jon-UK 7:28  Just looked... yep great weather
KMi-Ben 7:29  Perfect morning for a climb - especially after looking yesterday morning when most of the high level webcam were 100% cloud cover at this time
Marc-Cornwall 7:30  Murray got some good technical/climbing questions for Lorenzo/Scott's next call (should be in about 40 mins)
Marc-Cornwall 7:30  (I mean 'have you got some?)
Murray (KMi) 7:35  Yeah, I understood that. Since he's high but not THAT high I doubt there's going to be much about altitute that will bother them. My guess is that with 40+ climbers the real issues are how everyone is behaving. Weather looks fantastic.
Peter (in)-UK 7:36  o leg it quickly down to Chris Valentines office when you hear his phone go off in your browser!
Peter (in)-UK 7:36  Strangely truncated message - suggesting Murry come to CVs office to join the phone call - as and when ...
Murray (KMi) 7:41  Peter, I'm awaiting hearing that call, and will run down there when I hear it.
Marc-Cornwall 7:41  Hello Marion
Marion-UK 7:41  Hi
Marion-UK 7:42  Have just found out about this and decided to have a peek
Peter (in)-UK 7:43  Lorenzo is estimating the summit in a few mins Marion ... keep listening!
Peter-UK 7:45  Oh hey Mike - good to see you!
Marc-Cornwall 7:46  Tell Lorenzo he has a nice crowd of listeners and well-wishers!
Marc-Cornwall 7:48  (Marion & Mike, in case you missed the comment earlier, Peter-UK can relay any questions/comments you type in here directly to the climbers when they next phone in live (expected within 20 min)
Mike Platt 7:50  Hi Peter, Hi all. This looks very exciting. How will you relay questions to the climbers?
Peter-UK 7:51  We will simply pick up the phone extension - when they call into the phone server.
Marion-UK 7:54  How long do you intend to stay at the summit?
Mike Platt 7:54  What device are they using to call - a satellite phone? - an ordinary cell phone?
Murray (KMi) 7:54  Lorenzo told me that Scott has a satellite phone.
Marc-Cornwall 7:55  (recent joiners: be sure to check your computer's volume/speaker: audio will simply appear right here when the climbers phone in...)
Chris, KMi, UK 7:55  Its a cellphone with a built-in camera.
Chris, KMi, UK 7:55  Scott has a sat phone which is necessary in a lot of other areas where there's no cellphone network
Murray (KMi) 7:56  Can they use the cell phone as well on the Matterhorn? They're pretty close to lots of transmission towers, I'm guessing.
Mike Platt 7:56  What time did they set off for the tp this morning?
Chris, KMi, UK 7:57  We're getting normal speech from the cellphone fine, its just the attached images that aren't getting through
Peter-UK 7:57  if you listen to the audio replays Mike - you will hear them talking on the way up!
Peter-UK 7:57  Mind you, I would hold off playing the replays for a bit -cos ytou might miss the live summit call!
Chris, KMi, UK 7:58  Note that the times on the replays are, for some reason, about 2 hours early.
Marc-Cornwall 7:59  GMT times seem OK
Marc-Cornwall 8:01  ie I listened to the 0650 one live at the time; it was indeed 0650GMT = 0750GMT
Marc-Cornwall 8:01  i mean 0750 BST
Murray (KMi) 8:02  I'm wondering that even if we don't get live pictures, we'll still see some digital photos somewhere here at some point?
Chris, KMi, UK 8:03  Yes, he is still taking photos an we will upload them all when he gets back.
Murray (KMi) 8:03  Shame that part hasn't so far worked. Maybe next trip.
Mike Platt 8:03  Just had a quick listen to an audio replay - the quality is fantastic!
Mike Platt 8:05  Are we expecting to see live pictures in the small pane at the top of the window - if it works?
Chris, KMi, UK 8:06  Yes, the latest photo would appear in the top left corner of the scene.
Mike Platt 8:08  Their local time will be GMT +2hrs? That makes it ~10:08for them?
Chris, KMi, UK 8:11  That's right, GMT +2.
Wayne 8:11  Just logged on. Any info on the temperature / weather?
KMi-Ben (2) 8:11  Hi Mike - not live video pictures, check the 'Learn how the webcast works' link to the bottom left for more background
KMi-Ben (2) 8:12  Wayne - check out the webcams - as you'll see the weather conditions are perfect
KMi-Ben (2) 8:12  compared to yesterday at this time when the mountain was covered in cloud
Wayne 8:12  How about the temperature?
Murray (KMi) 8:12  I don't know temperature, but the weather seems perfect. At that altitude the sky is the most pure blue you can imagine, darker as you get higher.
KMi-Ben (2) 8:13  Checking - but we'll ask Lorenzo when he hopefully phones in soon
KMi-Ben (2) 8:13  we're expecting him to reach the summit any time
Wayne 8:14  Thanks. I'm climbing from the Italian side in two weeks. What a great opportuntiy for infomration!
Marion-UK 8:14  Sounds like you want to be there Murray
Murray (KMi) 8:15  Is the Italian side steeper or more gradual? Different technical climb than what Lorenzo and Scott are doing?
KMi-Ben (2) 8:15  Cool Wayne - Zermatt is reporting 7C at this time, just finding out temperature at higher elevations
Wayne 8:15  Thanks Ben.
KMi-Ben (2) 8:16  Check here Wayne for a bit more info
KMi-Ben (2) 8:16
Murray (KMi) 8:16  Marion, absolutely. If I had the money and the invite I'd go with him to Papua New Guinea in a minute.
KMi-Ben (2) 8:16  On the Klein Matterhorn at 3820m they are reporting 0C
Wayne 8:17  Been following that site. Hard to get conditions on the mountain though. Thanks.
KMi-Ben (2) 8:17  Lorenzo reported that snow levels are lower than they had provious expected
KMi-Ben (2) 8:17  Lorenzo LIVE
Marc-Cornwall 8:17  LIVE NOW -= turn up PC speaker/volumes
Wayne 8:19  How much ice or snow on the route? did you need to use crampons at all?
Mike Platt 8:20  What a fantastic achievement! Congratulations to climbers and tech. crew!
Wayne 8:20  thanks
KMi-Ben (2) 8:20  Thanks Mike!
Wayne 8:21  Do you see many people coming up from the Italian side?
Mike Platt 8:21  Why is it not safe to stay?
Marion-UK 8:22  Is it quicker to come down?
Mike Platt 8:22  What is the wind speed?
Marc-Cornwall 8:23  estimate of visibility range?
Mike Platt 8:23  If you look vertically up what is the colour?
Wayne 8:24  Thanks so much.
Marion-UK 8:24  A good one Peter
Marc-Cornwall 8:24  nice one.. congrats to all!!
Mike Platt 8:24  Brilliant!
KMi-Ben (2) 8:24  Sorry - lost connection
Marc-Cornwall 8:25  mobile phone reception prob cut out; but what a great call/broadcast!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
KMi-Ben (2) 8:25  He may phone back, but we would imagine they will start their climb down now
Marc-Cornwall 8:25  He'll have plenty of stored photos on the Nokia 7650 he can post back from base camp... WOOHOO
KMi-Ben (2) 8:26  That was just Peter messing around
Wayne 8:26  I appreciate you asking my questions. Thanks. Congratulations to all.
KMi-Ben (2) 8:26  No problem Wayne - and good luck with your climb!
Mike Platt 8:27  Good luck Wayne!
KMi-Ben (2) 8:27  Hope you have as great a conditions on the day
Wayne 8:27  Thanks. I'll be looking for the photos from Lorenzo later today.
Iain 8:27  Great webcast.
Wayne 8:27  Me too. It's all about the weather!
Marc-Cornwall 8:28  Where are you located now, Wayne (and Ian and Sarah and Mike)?
KMi-Ben (2) 8:28  Where will you be traveling from Wayne?
Wayne 8:28  I'm in Florida, USA
Iain 8:28  Iain - in the European office at the OU
Mike Platt 8:29  At home in Marsworth HERTS UK - still in dressing gown I'm afraid!!
Sarah 8:29  Marc -on your side of the building in KMi
KMi-Ben (2) 8:29  Going to be a touch colder than Florida Wayne
Wayne 8:30  I better be. Time to get out of the heat!
KMi-Ben (2) 8:30  How many days are you allowing for the climb?
Marc-Cornwall 8:30  bye all; great gig; will tune in later
KMi-Ben (2) 8:31  later Marc
Wayne 8:31  We'll do three days up, one down. coming from sea level we need time to acclimatize.
Wayne 8:31  We'll stop at two huts, the abruzzi and the carrel on the way up.
KMi-Ben (2) 8:31  We've not studied the mountain from the Italian side, but our understading is that it is much more difficult, and technical than the swiss side
Murray (KMi) 8:31  Wayne, you won't be sleeping at altitute will you?
Wayne 8:32  a bit, we're trying to avoid the crowds. it's steeper, more of a sustained rock climb (from what I read)
Wayne 8:32  the first hut is at about 9000 feet, the second at about 12,500
Mike Platt 8:33  Do you have to get permission to climb?
Wayne 8:34  No, but you do need reservations for the huts. My partners are going to Cervinia a couple days before I arrive to arrange it.
Mike Platt 8:34  How big are the huts? - How any can they sleep?
Iain 8:35  Need to go guys, great show. Good luck.
KMi-Ben (2) 8:35  What's the hitest you've climbed Wayne - I know in USA climbing all the 14er's is a challenege many climbers attempt
KMi-Ben (2) 8:35  Thanks Iain
KMi-Ben (2) 8:35  highest I mean wayne :)
Wayne 8:36  The abbruzzi has room for 40, the carrel 50 acording to my guidebook. Highest I've climbed is Mt. Rainier at 14460
Wayne 8:36  Farily simialr in altitude to the Matterhorn
KMi-Ben (2) 8:37  Have you climbed many other 14+ mountains?
Wayne 8:37  Living in Florida, really makes it difficult for me to pursue such a goal as climbing all 14''s. So much travel involved.
KMi-Ben (2) 8:38  Very true - though not an avid climber, I was lucky about 10 years ago to climb 2 togther in the Rockies
Wayne 8:38  I've climbed in the tetons a bit, but no other 14's. I do mostly rock climbing at lower altitudes. Mountaineering is a treat! (expensive)
KMi-Ben (2) 8:39  Well can't be many high points in Florida!
Wayne 8:40  It's also difficult to find partners in Florida. It's flat like a sand dune. highest spot a little over 300 feet.
Murray (KMi) 8:40  Lorenzo and I talked about his climb of McKinley. Amazing. One thing people don't sometimes understand is base altitude vs. summit altitude. McKinley, you climb the *whole* mountain.
Wayne 8:40  I drive 8 hours or more to reach the mountains in North Carolina, Gerogia, Tennessee,
KMi-Ben (2) 8:42  So Murray how long did it take Lorenzo to do the McKinley climb?
Wayne 8:43  McKinley (Denali to climbers) is quite a commitment. I passed on an invite to go therre last year as I'm not experienced enough.
Wayne 8:44  My friend spent a week pinned down at 19,000 feet until they ran out of food and had to come down
KMi-Ben (2) 8:45  very exhausting experience - both physcially and mentally I would imagine!
KMi-Ben (2) 8:45  and then having the disappointment of not making the final leg to the summit
Murray (KMi) 8:45  I can't remember, but it was a number of overnight camps, steadily toward the top. He said the view from the top was stunning, highly recommended to any climber. There's no other mountains around, unlike eg., Everest, where it's just a black dome above a forest of peaks.
Murray (KMi) 8:48  Gad, how terrible. Those kind of nightmares nobody needs. Lucky they were able to get down okay.
KMi-Ben (2) 8:49  Very true - in this day and age one can easily forget that climbing a mountain has it's serious risks, and that coming home alive, preferably with all your fingers and toes is very important!
Wayne 8:50  Coming down is where most accidents occur
Wayne 8:51  True of the first party to climb the Matterhron as well.
Murray (KMi) 8:52  That's what makes today on the Matterhorn special. Reasonable temperatures, clear skies, no wind (!). Gotta run now. Great day!
KMi-Ben (2) 8:52  Very true - when we were coming down from the second 14er in the rockies, on of our party slipped and went down a snow slope several hundred feet, fortuanntly stopping themselves before the boulder field at the bottom
KMi-Ben (2) 8:52  Cya Murray
Wayne 8:53  Three of Whympers assciates were killed descending from the summit of the Matterhron. Fortunately for the rest, the rope broke or more would have been pulled off.
KMi-Ben (2) 8:53  Yes - tragic event
Wayne 8:54  Best wishes to Lorenzo! Be safe, be careful.
KMi-Ben (2) 8:55  Will do Wayne - take care yourself, we'll be hear listening in as Lorenzo makes his way back down.
Mike Platt 8:55  Thanks for this great morning and your discussions after the summit webcast. Got to go. Speak to you later Peter.
KMi-Ben (2) 8:56  Cheers Mike - Peter in a meeting atm, but will no doubt check in later
KMi-Ben (2) 9:00  Update: For anyone just tuning in Lorenzo reached the summit at 8.22GMT, check out the report he phoned in, and is now making his way back down.
Wayne 9:15  Gonna catch a little sleep. Will check back in a couple hours. Thanks.
KMi-Ben (away) 9:22  Cya Wayne
Eric-US 9:38  Hello
KMi-Ben (away) 9:39  Hi Eric - welcome
Eric-US 9:39  Marc's brother here just checking this out following an email I got from him this morning via the Fort
KMi-Ben 9:40  Cool - well we had an exciting phone call from Lorenzo a little over an hour ago from the summit
Eric-US 9:41  Neat. I gather he's on his way down now?
KMi-Ben 9:41  Yes indeed, we're not sure when we'll next get a report - most likely when they reach the Solvayhutte
KMi-Ben 9:42  have you checked out the audio replays?
KMi-Ben 9:42  Best to start at the 1.31 entry and work your way through
Eric-US 9:43  trying to figure out how to do that...I see an audioreplay icon above the list of clients but clicking on that yields nothing
KMi-Ben 9:43  strange - ok look to left of that
KMi-Ben 9:43  there is a Phone Replays link
Eric-US 9:43  phone replays?
KMi-Ben 9:43  yep - that gives more direct access to the mp3 recordings
Eric-US 9:45  got it! very clear
Eric-US 9:46  OK...thanks...signing off ...cheers and good luck to all!!!
KMi-Ben 9:47  thanks eric - later
Roderik 10:26  Hello
Mike-CH 10:28  How much new snow is in the rock areas?
KMi-Ben (away) 10:28  Lo Mike - I believe much of the new snow has melted, but there had been fresh snow on the Wednesday
KMi-Ben 10:30  I gather that they only needed to use crampons for the very last section of the climb
KMi-Ben 10:31  Have you climbed the Matterhorn yourself Mike?
Mike-CH 10:31  Thanks, Ben. BTW I cannot get an actual picture of where the climbers are; all I see is the same picture of Lorenzo as is on the left sideunder the title Matterhorn Webcast.
Mike-CH 10:31  Yepp, I've climbed it several times before.
KMi-Ben 10:32  Yes - we've had some problems getting pictures returned, but we are hoping to get the photo's Lorenzo took when he returns to Zermatt later today
KMi-Ben 10:32  Have you listened to the audio replays?
Mike-CH 10:34  Well, I've treied to so far - but also w/o success. The speaker is beeping slowly, but that is it ...
KMi-Ben 10:34  try the link to the left - the one that says Phone Replays
KMi-Ben 10:35  between Photo Gallery and Chat History
KMi-Ben 10:38  any luck?
Mike-CH 10:38  Thanks, that blurps in, I can understand it somehow ;-)
KMi-Ben 10:39  cool :)
Roderik 10:39  Hi, been looking for the lorenzo's webcam. Can't really find it
KMi-Ben 10:39  Are you on a modem connection, just might work better if you let it download completely and then play it back.
KMi-Ben 10:40  Hi Roderik - there is no webcam of Lorenzo, though we had planned to have photo's take by him during the climb and transmitted just before he comes on air
Roderik 10:41  oh, well anyway, great to hear their voices so clear from the mountain
Wayne 10:41  A litle nap (for me) was nice. I assume all goes well with the descent?
KMi-Ben 10:41  though lorenzo was able to phone in, we've had some problems getting a data connection to transmit the photo's
KMi-Ben 10:41  Hi Wayne - we assume so, we've not heard from them since the summit
Wayne 10:42  thanks
KMi-Ben 10:42  Back to the photos - we hope to have photo's late today when they've returned to Zermatt and we can resolve the data transmission issue
KMi-Ben 10:42  Wyane - Mike here has climbed the mountain several times
KMi-Ben 10:43  you might want to see if he has any useful advice for your attempt in a few weeks
Wayne 10:43  Excellent. I'm going up the Italian Ridge in less than two weeks. Any advice?
KMi-Ben 10:44  Out of interest Wayne how much gear (weight) will you be carrying up with you?
Wayne 10:45  Fairly light actually, maybe 30 lbs or so. Just food and warm clothing and of course the climbing gear.
Mike-CH 10:46  Hi Wayne, I only know the Hoernli Ridge, the Zmutt ridge and the N-Face, sorry. Where do you plan to descend? Swiss side or Italian?
Wayne 10:46  trying to go as light as possible. Mike, I'm not bringing a sleeping bag, assuming the huts have blankets. Yes? We'll go back down as we came up to Cervinia.
Wayne 10:47  Considered the traverse to Zermatt, but then have to get back. Logistic pain.
Mike-CH 10:48  should work out fine w/o sleeping bags. But then the back√ľack weight of 30 lbs. seems a little bit high to be purely comfortable ...
Wayne 10:49  I included the gear weight - ropes, etc.
Mike-CH 10:49  Take ample water, that keeps you fast moving. DO not take too much food, especially fatty stuff;-)
Wayne 10:49  Most of it will be on harness, etc. Have small pack for summit day with just warm clothes, food, water.
KMi-Ben 10:50  Wayne is taking 2 days to get up if I recall Mike
Wayne 10:50  Thanks. One luxury is a stove. My partners are concerned about getting hot water for freeze dried meals in huts. Any problem?
Mike-CH 10:50  Fine, then that should be a pleasure for you - I wish you all the best and a safe return back down!
KMi-Ben 10:50  as he's coming from Florida and needs to get used to the alltiude
Wayne 10:50  Well go up slow to acclimatize since we're coming from sea level.
Wayne 10:51  Could be done in a day if we were used to altitude, but one partner has problems if we go to fast.
Wayne 10:52  Thanks for your advice Mike.
KMi-Ben 10:53  Wayne - we'll ask Lorenzo what their experience has been with water - hot or cold - though that is of course on the Swiss side
KMi-Ben 10:53  They had planned to stay in the Hornli Hutte last night, but in the end camped since they had the gear and the weather was dry.
Wayne 10:53  Thanks Ben. I've never used huts before, it's quite a luxury. I'm used to bivy on the mountainside.
KMi-Ben 10:55  Well stay tuned and we'll try and get some idea for you!
Wayne 10:56  You can be sure of that. I'm going to go put on a pot of coffee, sun is just coming up here.
Mike-CH 10:56  Well, in the Alps you may bivy, but mostly you have the alternative with huts - that keeps the packs light andthus the pleasure a little bit higher.
Mike-CH 10:57  Upon reservation, you may ask about 1/2pension (supper and breakfast from the guardian at the hut - may cost a little bit, but is convenient.
Wayne 10:57  Yes, I'm looking forward to not having to lug as much gear with me. There are three of us going, me from Florida and two from Washington DC.
KMi-Ben 10:57  Mike - do the huts have fresh water available - or is it a case of taking your own up with you?
Mike-CH 10:58  Normally there is ample water supply available, but it may be that you need to melt snow to get it.
KMi-Ben 10:58  That stove will be handy then Wayne :)
KMi-Ben 10:59  Mike - have you climbed elsewhere in the world?
Mike-CH 11:00  Yes. I know a bit Yosemite, Denali, Colorado, Suthern America, and the Everest area.
Wayne 11:01  Thanks Mike, will check on the huts when registering. The Abruzzi hut has a warden, but the Carrel hut may not.
KMi-Ben 11:02  Have you thought of trying for the Seven Summits?
Wayne 11:02  Mike, what was the cost for the hut with meal?
KMi-Ben 11:03  Wayne have you checked out the rather azaming photo's on the mountain at
KMi-Ben 11:03
Wayne 11:05  Yes. I've visited every web site I can find. Thank you. Still, I've never been to Europe and it's a big climb for me. I want to do well and be properly equipped without bringing too much.
Mike-CH 11:06  In Switzerland it would cost you about USD 23 for the two meals (1/2 pension) plus USD 13 for the hut (if you are a member of the American Alpine Club, otherwise about USD 18)
Wayne 11:06  It's down to the little details now, like are therre blankets in the hut, water, etc. Thanks again Mike. I am a member.
KMi-Ben 11:07  And no doubt one hell of a view :)
Mike-CH 11:07  Ben - As for the 7 Summits: I am still missing Kilimanjaro, Carstenz and Mt. Everest. SO, I don't know whether I shall really aspire ...
Wayne 11:08  Mike, what is your occupation? Getting the time to do such climbs is too difficult for me.
KMi-Ben 11:08  Cool - that's still 4 more than I've done!
Mike-CH 11:09  In the Alpine huts you find sufficient blankets and pillows on the mattresses, in Italy, France and Switzerland it is a dormitory style, whereas in Austria and Germany you may get also twobed rooms in some huts.
Wayne 11:10  Superb, Mike. You are very helpful.
Mike-CH 11:10  Wayne, I am tax lawyer, self employed - and an alpinist since 1974...
Wayne 11:11  Very good. I am registered nurse. work week on / week off schedule. Allows me to go climbing on off weeks.
Wayne 11:12  And Ben? you are somehow involved with this technology (occupation)?
KMi-Ben 11:14  Well I work at KMi, which is involved in developing technology in webcasting, amongest other things
Wayne 11:14  I didn't start climbing unitl 1993. Didn't enter the higher mountains until a few years ago.
Wayne 11:15  Do any of you have personal web site related to climbing?
KMi-Ben 11:15  Lorenzo if you follow the story supplies our office plants, and looks after them, and we got talking one down and thought it would be a cool idea to try and webcast the climb, using some light weight technology and equipment
Wayne 11:16  I need to read the history. Thanks.
KMi-Ben 11:17  You can find out more on Lorenzo at the Seven Summits link, and also about the technology under the Learn how the Webcast Works
Wayne 11:21  I looked at the technology section yesterday, showed my wife the cool phone with the camera. Oh to afford such nice toys.
Wayne 11:23  I realize the texhnology is new. How good is the resolution for photos? I was involved in a project a while back looking at digital imagery from emergency personel in the feild.
KMi-Ben 11:23  Quality is not as good as we'd hoped, but the phone had the advantage of having all we needed in one package
KMi-Ben 11:24  If you look in the photo gallery the 2 right hand photo's were taken with it
KMi-Ben 11:25  and there is some lens distortion round the edges
KMi-Ben 11:26  if you click on the images you get the actual size photo, which I believe is 640 x 480, surprisingly large for a phone based camera
Wayne 11:26  I have an ancient and inexpensive digital camera that is similar. The technology will progress I'm sure.
KMi-Ben 11:26  Sounds like the project you were involved in was interesting, has there been much take up with the technology?
KMi-Ben 11:27  I presume it allowed personel at the scene of an incident to seek expert advice, as I believe the initial hour is consdiered quite critical in treating patients
Wayne 11:28  It was a flash in the pan at the time due to a couple of factors. One issue was security of the transmissions. New federal regs was being proposed that required security of the data we could resolve. I don't know what the status is at this point. Things change
KMi-Ben 11:29  Always intersting how the law affects things!
Wayne 11:30  Seems like an avenue you could explore though. Tghe team I was on was very political and not well empowered. Better the push come from the industry side of the equation.
Wayne 11:30  If you build it, they may come (so long as it's cheap enough).
KMi-Ben 11:31  Yes - we've down some work in hospitals trying out new technologies and often it's political issues which hinder the further developments
KMi-Ben 11:32  We did look at video technologies for this climb - taking into account the low budget we were looking to use
KMi-Ben 11:33  One combination was to use a Video camera that can make short MPEG1 clips and these can be e-mail out via a Bluetooth enabled mobile
Wayne 11:33  Yes, I left nursing briefly to work as a technology liason (shows you how desperate things are), but returned to the bedside shortly thereafter. It was a good position, but not enough action for me. We looked a Bluetooth while I was there.
KMi-Ben 11:33  however this was very slow over a GSM mobile connection, and would be one more piece of equipment to carry, plus batteries to worry about!
KMi-Ben 11:34  What area are you working in atm?
Wayne 11:35  It a huge industry with so many untapped areas. Nursing in particular has been virtually ignored. The physicians genreally get the attention. What success I've had has been in the nursing side of things. It's what I know best and what benefits me.
Wayne 11:36  Sorry, ignorance, atm?
KMi-Ben 11:37  Might be worth having a look at this project which was aimed primarily at nusring staff
KMi-Ben 11:37
KMi-Ben 11:37  atm = at the moment
KMi-Ben 11:37  not automatical telling machine :)
Wayne 11:38  Ok, as you see, I rarely chat online. I am employed as a critical care nurse in a Burn Center at a large teaching hospital
KMi-Ben 11:39  are most patients from accidents? Or does it also cover other illness?
Wayne 11:40  I've bookmarked the kmi project and will review it later. Almost all the patients I deal with are victims of "accicednts". we do all treat extensive wound cases from a variety of causes.
KMi-Ben 11:44  Wayne - just 'Out for Lunch' now - catch up with you later. Glad you've been abe to get some good information from others here
Wayne 11:45  OK. see you later.,
KMi-Ben (Lunch) 11:46  Update: For anyone just joining, Lorenzo made the summit at 8.22GMT this morning and is currently making his way back down. Hopefully we'll get another report from him shortly.
Wayne 12:14  Ben - may be better to continue discussion concerning technology / medicine outside of forum. Don't want to monopolize chat and take anything away from the climb. After all, I'm here to enjoy the Lorenzo's climb! You can email me at if you'd like any more of my input on the topic.
Dave-D.C. 12:20  So the climb happened already?
Jon-UK 12:21  Reached summit earlier - due to weather
Dave-D.C. 12:21  i see
Jon-UK 12:21  Check out the replays...
Dave-D.C. 12:21  gallery?
Jon-UK 12:21  Problems with pics
Dave-D.C. 12:22  oops
Jon-UK 12:22  Should get some later with luck
Dave-D.C. 12:22  aye
Dave-D.C. 12:22  jon what time is it over there
Jon-UK 12:23  13:23 UK time
Dave-D.C. 12:24  im still groggy but just got to work, need some coffee and a muffin
Dave-D.C. 12:24  you climb?
Jon-UK 12:24  No - I'm KMi staff
Dave-D.C. 12:24  ahh
Jon (KMi) -UK 12:25  Audio worked well - pitty about pics it was a connection problem
Dave-D.C. 12:25  they will be saved on his camera though, no?
Jon (KMi) -UK 12:26  Yes - We are waiting for Lorenzo to report after the climb down
Jon (KMi) -UK 12:26  I think that's more tricky than the climb up!
Dave-D.C. 12:27  it all depends, im not to informed of the matterhorn though
Wayne 12:28  How many others are with Lorenzo?
Dave-D.C. 12:28  1 ?
Wayne 12:28  Solo?
Jon (KMi) - UK 12:28  His american friend called Scott
Jon (KMi) - UK 12:29  And other climbers I believe it's popular. 4 on summit when he was there earlier
Wayne 12:30  From a climber / photographer perrspective, it is very difficult to both climb and take pictures. Your hands are usually busy. I ususally don't get good photos unless there are three in the party.
Jon (KMi) - UK 12:30  Does anyone ever climb solo? 2 or more must be norm?
Wayne 12:30  Many climb solo. 2 is the norm, most efficient.
Jon (KMi) - UK 12:31  Hats off to any one who clinb solo - from someone with his feet firmly on the ground :)
Wayne 12:32  If roped climbing is involved that is. One moves extrmely slow with roped climbing. Many solo are wild enough to do without ropes.
Jon (KMi) - UK 12:32  You must have to trust someone you are roped to!
Wayne 12:33  With your life. It's one reason climber form such strong freindships.
Jon (KMi) - UK 12:34  Do you know how long it should take to get down from summit?
Wayne 12:35  roughly six hours for a normal person, but the crowds will slow them down. Other people on the mountain are perhps the greatest risk. Passing, rockfall, etc.
Jon (KMi) - UK 12:36  OK - Webcams show weather sill quite good...
Wayne 12:36  Sounds like Lorenzo is more than a "normal person" may be faster. Crowds on a good day like today will be the hinderance.
Wayne 12:42  I wish more climbers would check in. I found out about this from the rec.climbing newsgroup. If you do it again, I suggest a little more advance promotion. I fisrt saw something about it yesterday. USA is just waking up
Jon (KMi) - UK 12:44  Yes - though we thought we had another day...
KMi-Ben (Lunch) 12:44  Well we hadn't thought Lorenzo would go up so soon, we were only expecting him to start today
Wayne 12:44  Too bad Lorenzo has already climbed Denali, that would probably gain a lot of attention here in the US. Being a European peak, there's probably not as much interest from your largest audience.
Wayne 12:46  How well would your technology work here in the US? I suspect Europe is way ahead of us.
KMi-Ben 12:47  Well if we do his next '7 summit' we'll have to move to Satilite phones, since not so much mobile phone coverage around places like
KMi-Ben 12:47  Carstensz and Everst
KMi-Ben 12:48  All the 'mission control' technology would work most anywhere, the tricky bit is getting it from him to us
KMi-Ben 12:49  We've also been looking at automatic GPS systems, that could easily 'track' his position, in real time
Wayne 12:50  Yeah, the postioning would have been a nice touch.
KMi-Ben 12:50  though issues of battery life, particularly in extreme cold impact greatly on what is practical
Wayne 12:50  Still its a tough proving ground, and a nice way to promote your technolgy.
KMi-Ben 12:51  We found a GPS/mobile system here in the UK, that is used on pet collars, that allow the owners to track the position of their dog!
KMi-Ben 12:51  (no idea why!)
KMi-Ben 12:52  key thing though is it's very light weight and is fully automatic, using SMS text messaging to send position reports
KMi-Ben 12:52  obvioulsy still requires mobile phone coverage, but no doubt could be adapted to other technologies
Wayne 12:53  As more and more climbers bring cell phones into the mountain for safety purposes, the GPS positioning would provide a great rescue tool if needed. Nice selling point.
KMi-Ben 12:53  Very interest point!
Wayne 12:53  Maybe could help with avalance rescue as well (if phone survives)
KMi-Ben 12:54  Another great idea - the pet collars could be adapted to go on users wrists or belt, and then rent out to skiers or climbers
KMi-Ben 12:55  in fact for rescue crews it could be very useful too
Wayne 12:56  Probably not as accurate or helpful as current avalanche transcievers, but still better than nothing. Depends on how good GPS positioning gets
KMi-Ben 12:57  it's pretty good - let me see if I can track down the GPS/Pets site again
KMi-Ben 12:57  see if they have some specs on how accurate
Wayne 12:58  Does the phone give Lorenzo his GPS coordinates?
KMi-Ben 12:59  no - not that I'm aware of though through triangulation it is possible to determine a persons location
KMi-Ben 12:59
KMi-Ben 13:00  They quote accuracy of 1 metre (3 feet)
Wayne 13:01  Oxloc - what a "Brave New World" we live in. I think the military restricts how accurate GPS in the USA can be for some foolish reason.
KMi-Ben 13:01  I think that has been relaxed now, even in USA
Wayne 13:01  But in Europe, 3 feet could save you!
KMi-Ben 13:02  In the recent mining accident there was an interesting story of how they used GPS to get very high accuracy
KMi-Ben 13:02  Another interesting use of OxLoc technology at
KMi-Ben 13:03
Wayne 13:05  Very nice (the bike thing) As Lorenzo mentioned with his thermometer on his watch, feild testing is the only way to see how things really work out. I too always know the temperature of my wrist. Wasted money.
Wayne 13:06  I've also found problems with watch altimeters making them limited in their usefullness. Would be much better to have GPS altimeter.
KMi-Ben 13:06  That was pretty funny I must admit, i guess you don't really want to take it off in case you drop it down the mountain!
Wayne 13:07  The only way to make it work (the watch thermometer) is to strap it to your pack away from your body. Might as well just use a thermometer for a couple of dollars (Euro).
KMi-Ben 13:07  Yep - you need good calibration of altimeters, and of course if you get a sudden pressure change it can really mess up your readings
KMi-Ben 13:08  I learnt to fly many years ago, and at night for example you have to place a lot of trust in your altimeter, least you fly into a mountain!
Wayne 13:08  Yes, add changing postions in there and uncertainty of location for calibration and they can be quite innacurate. Just the change in temperature through the day has a big effect.
Wayne 13:09  My altimeter watch simply provides proof I went really high (often higher than the mountain I climbed)
KMi-Ben 13:10  :))
KMi-Ben 13:11  How detailed are the climbing maps for the Matterhorn Wayne?
Wayne 13:12  Best I have is a French ski map. It's adequate for the purpose. Guidebook descriptions are sparse, but evidently the common routes follow ridges. If your off the ridge, you're off route.
Wayne 13:13  Difficult to get info here in US, not much available on web.
KMi-Ben 13:13  Well that certainly helps make it easier then
KMi-Ben 13:14  I'm sure you'll be able to get better detailed maps once you're there
Wayne 13:14  Best info is from other climbers. Most have web sites. Reading their trip reports is some of the best information.
KMi-Ben 13:15  The CNN report on GPS use in the Quecreek accident is here
KMi-Ben 13:15
KMi-Ben 13:16  With his state of the art equipment they have an accuracy of less than a centimeter (1/4 inch say)
Wayne 13:17  Accurate, but $60,000 is a hefty price to achieve it. I'd settle for 1 meter
KMi-Ben 13:17  probably need a truck too!
KMi-Ben 13:19  Still impressive accuracy, though it assumes your maps are that accurate!
Jon (KMi) - UK 13:20  Looks like cloud now over the ridge?
KMi-Ben 13:21  I noticed that earlier - was trying to work out if that was the ridge they were coming down, or the left hand on on our map above
Wayne 13:21  Yeah I saw that coming up earlier. It's a typical mountain pattern. One reason you start so early - to get off the peak before it gets too late in the day.
KMi-Ben 13:22  Also sunrise on a mountain top is rather special
Wayne 13:22  Alpenglow!
Wayne 13:23  Ben, did a see you've climbed a few moutnains?
KMi-Ben 13:24  Long ago a US friend and myself treked around New Mexico and Colorado
KMi-Ben 13:25  We climbed a 12+ peak near Santa Fe, camping around 10k
Wayne 13:25  Nice. I've just started exploring Colorado. Made 3 - 4 trips.
KMi-Ben 13:25  Then travelled to Darango and took the Darango to Silverton train about halve way
KMi-Ben 13:25  and treked to Chicargo Basin
Wayne 13:26  Santa Fe - Sangre de Cristos Mountains?
KMi-Ben 13:26  camping again around 10k, and the next day climbing 2 of 3 14+ peaks - trying to remember their names
KMi-Ben 13:27  I believe so near Santa Fe - nothing technical, you can easily walk up them in Sangre de Cristo - but some amazing views out to the west
KMi-Ben 13:27  I need to see a map to better recall the details - anyy good USA map sites?
Wayne 13:29  I recommend a visit to the Tetons in Wyoming. Excellent hikes, marvelous climbs. No map sites come to mind, I have a huge map on my wall i refer to. I use the web to zero in on specifics.
KMi-Ben 13:29  Oh I forgot - we also went out to Washington State
Wayne 13:30  Also excellent. I've been up Rainier, Mt. St. Helens, a few lesser peaks, much yet to do there.
KMi-Ben 13:30  Trying to remember name of national park - on coast - have a number of 10k peaks there
Wayne 13:30  Olympic National Park?
KMi-Ben 13:31  that's it
Wayne 13:31  My wife did some camping and hiking there a couple years ago. I've yet to spend any time up high.
KMi-Ben 13:31  was tough hiking in as there's quite a few passes to go over, with several thousand feet clims and descents
Wayne 13:32  So what about Europe? I may return next year. Have freinds that want to go to Prague. I'll try to arrange another climb to coincide with the visit.
KMi-Ben 13:33  but been far north you had long days, and it was a great experience, after we hiked out we went to the coast and camped on the beach - was incredible experience
KMi-Ben 13:33  nothing in europe, ironically!
Wayne 13:33  After the matterhorn, i'll visit the Dolomites. No technical climbing (wife would do alpine) but will scope out potentials.
Wayne 13:34  oops, wife won't do alpine climbing or any really difficult rock.
KMi-Ben 13:34  :)
Wayne 13:35  Are you familair with the Movie the Eiger Sanction? She wants to be the babe watching through the telescope.
KMi-Ben 13:35  Funny - but I was thinking of that movie just the other day
Wayne 13:35  It's a classic. One of the best climbing movies ever.
KMi-Ben 13:36  Guess because we feel we're watching Lorenzo, shame no telescopic webcams!
Wayne 13:36  Have you climbed any in Europe?
KMi-Ben 13:37  No - always thought I'd travel europe in my old age, do all the distance places first :)
Wayne 13:37  Such a big planet, so little time.
KMi-Ben 13:38  Very true
Wayne 13:41  Still looks like a beautiful day (cam). Lorenzo is lucky.
KMi-Ben 13:41  Yep very, given conditions last few days - Gonna take a break for now Wayne - be back later, hopefully we'll hear from Lorenzo
Wayne 13:42  Yeah, I need to get out and do some exercise before it gets too hot. Later.
KMi-Ben (away) 13:42  later
KMi-Ben (away) 13:43  Update: For those just joining Lorenzo reached the summit earlier today (8.22GMT) and is currently on his way down. Check the Audio replays for his phone in reports, and we hope later to have photo's of his climb.
Ricardo 14:36  When you next speak to Lorenzo can you tell him that Riccardo said well done!!! and i'll buy you a pint when you get back home in fact you can buy me one :-)
KMi-Ben (away) 14:51  Will do Recardo
KMi-Ben (away) 14:51  oops typo Ricardo :)
Maria Isabella 16:18  Hello
Wayne 20:56  Anybody still there?
Wayne 21:00  I'll assume Lorenzo got down OK. Thanks to all. I learned a lot about the mountain.
Wayne 21:01  If anyone is bored enough to follow my climb in two weeks from the Italian side, the report will be posted at
KMi-Ben 21:21  Hi Wayne - thanks for posting, look forward to checking out your own climb report
KMi-Ben 21:22  Not heard from Lorenzo, as we too hope he got down ok - but they would have had a long hike back down so hopefully we'll hear more tomorrow
Jon (KMi) - UK 6:29  Lorenzo has sent made the decent and filed an audio report. Scott and himself are OK and a re glade they climbed yesterday as the weather is poor today.
Jon (KMi) - UK 6:32  The latest webcam pics certainly seem to show lots more snow and cloud (PS - excuse the spelling above it's early here!)
duane 11:41  Hello. its Duane
duane 11:44  Lorenzo its Duane just checking out the website. How are u feeling
Martin 12:16  Hello Lorenzo, listened to your last audio broadcast. Good to hear everything is going well. I have'nt yet figured out the pictures but I'll work on that now.
Martin 12:16  Take care
Martin 12:16  martin
Jon-UK 14:51  Due to a connection problem we haven't received any pictures from Lorenzo yet. He has them stored and we will be displaying them asap...
climber 15:09  Hello
Luigi 10:08  Hello
peter@kmi 9:50  Hello

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