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Lorenzo Gariano
Lorenzo Gariano who runs Botany Bottle and looks after the plants at the Open University's Knowledge Media Institute, went climbing in the Everest region and sent back audio reports. All this was part of Lorenzo's Seven Summits activities: climbing the highest peak on each continent (read more about Lorenzo's Seven Summits quest).

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AudioBlogFINAL REPORT: Lorenzo and fellow climbers conquered Lhotse,the world's fourth highest mountain on 20th May 2003!

Lorenzo took part in the Adventures International expedition to Everest, organized by the well known and experienced climber Scott Woolums.

Following the success of the live web casts from Lorenzo's Matterhorn climb in 2002, it was hoped that this climb would be followed with as much interest and enthusiasm - certainly the world's media took an keen interest. Lorenzo sent back as many audio reports as was practical, each being made available on the site straight away - click on the Listen to Lorenzo link for the reports.

Lorenzo did not attempt the summit of Everest itself this time, the cost is just too great to go that extra 1000 metres - tens of thousands of pounds! He participated in the acclimatization climbs, involving climbs to camp 4 and back a number of times (see The Route link) and ascended the summit of nearby Lhotse, the world's fourth highest peak. This is still an incredibly tough climb to an impressive height of 8511 metres, in the sort of inhospitable conditions only Everest can throw at you!

We hope you enjoy listening to Lorenzo's adventures.

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